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ModifierParoles - Cima Cima : 55 Years

Fiche créée par pripri
Cima Cima

My Grandpa is a man of few words
Even when I am there, he is silent
Long long time ago, he was a soldier
It's all part of the training in the Army
If I forget to close the window,
He is getting burning angry like volcano
It's all part of the training in the Army

My Grandma was a woman
(waiting for him to come home)
Working in the field instead of Grandpa
Spring sowing seeds, Summer giving water, Autumn picking potatoes
But he has no chance to return from the Battle fields
Next year, more and better, tasty potatoes she grows but he can't return
Her hands and face, burn by the sunshine (x2)
His pet cat growing older

7 year's later, Grandpa was there
15 year's later, father was born
30 year's later, I was born
55 year's
We think we think we think thank you for peace


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